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Deezus Take the Reel

Deezus Take the Reel is part movie podcast, part late night talk show, all parts DOPE. On the show we tells stories, play games, talk hypothetical situations, and of course: nerd out about MOVIES! Whether it's just me or with a guest, expect some fun and crazy conversations (spoiler: things get weird and bad word). This isn't a religious podcast, unless movies are your religion. In that case, consider me your lord and savior!

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Aug 16, 2017

Episode 35: On this week's episode of Deezus Take the Reel, I'm joined by Marvel Movie News host and Movie Fight Motormouth Coy Jandreau to talk some net-noir films! We also do a Marvel Characters Showdown for all the marbles and tell our own Noir stories. All that and more, let's get weird!

Movies: Kiss Kiss, Bang...

Aug 9, 2017

Episode 34: On this week's episode of Deezus take the Reel, I'm joined by new horror fan/not-so-new to the show Tess Devine and it's all about vanity & ambition. We play a little classic "Would You Rather", talk 2 very similar, gorgeous horror movies, and talk about how far we would go to get ahead. Let's...

Aug 1, 2017

Episode 33: On this week's episode of Deezus Take the Reel, I'm joined by host, comedian, and all-around renaissance man Jay Washington to (Total) recall the glorious days of 90s Sci-Fi action. Jay & I pitch a hypothetical tag-team match, chat some sic-fi classics, and give insight into action bad asses that inspired...

Jul 25, 2017

Episode 32: On this week of Deezus Take the reel I'm once again joined by my partner-in-crime Tyler (aka T-Money) to talk The Prestige in honor of Dunkirk. On this episode Tyler & I play My Cocaine Monologues, talk in-depth about The Prestige, and tell stories of obsession. Let's get weird!

Movie: The Prestige



Jul 12, 2017

Episode 31: On this week's episode of Deezus Take the Reel, I'm joined behind the steering wheel by Brianne Chandler, aka Miss Movies, to talk some recent movies centered around driving! We also imagine ourselves in the Cars universe and tell some interesting driving stories. Buckle up, let's get weird!

Movies: Cars...