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Deezus Take the Reel

Deezus Take the Reel is part movie podcast, part late night talk show, all parts DOPE. On the show we tells stories, play games, talk hypothetical situations, and of course: nerd out about MOVIES! Whether it's just me or with a guest, expect some fun and crazy conversations (spoiler: things get weird and bad word). This isn't a religious podcast, unless movies are your religion. In that case, consider me your lord and savior!

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May 24, 2017

Episode 27: On this episode of Deezus Take the Reel, I'm joined by comedian Jaron Myers to talk Rom Coms and the fabled Friend Zone. We play new game Escape the Friend Zone, talk romantic comedies Just Friends & What If, and chat past romantic experiences. Let's get weird!


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May 23, 2017

Deezus & T$$ Episode 6: On this week's episode, Tyler and I take you deep into the depths of our friendship, chronicling the PHASES of our lives from our raging party days to the still-not-very-mature adults we are today. This week's Chucklefuckery features the song "The Go" from The 197- I mean...Drive Like I Do. Let's...

May 10, 2017

Episode 26: On this episode of Deezus Take the Reel, to conclude the DTTR Horror trilogy after the Overlook Film Festival, I'm joined by a fellow aspiring creator Nolan Dean. Today we play Last Cliché Standing, talk meta horror movies, and tell stories about when we felt like we were in a horror movie. Let's get...

May 5, 2017

Deezus & T$$ episode 5: Happy Cinco De Mayo, mother fuckers! Sorry, that was abrasive, I've been drunk since the recording. On this one, Tyler and I tell stories involving drunk girls and jizzing your pants. This week's Chucklefuckery feature's music from the team of composers, Blitz//Berlin, who have provided music...

May 5, 2017

BONUS Episode: Deezus Take the Reel hit the road this past week to attend the Overlook Film Festival and ya boy brought back all the creepy goodness! I got reviews of all the movies I saw, interviews with some very special guests (Perri Nemiroff, Colin Minehan, Nightmare On Film Street, and more!), and the story of...